Happy Birthday Ludwig

Today is Beethoven’s 251st Birthday. He has brought me, for one, great joy!


To the greatest composer – cheers! :clinking_glasses:


Thought you meant the drum manufacturer.

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Nah. That would be JS Bach. Or Morrissey/Marr.

OK , I get JS Bach. Who is the other person?

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When you get to heaven, you will find the boss sitting on a big fluffy cloud.

On his right, there is a smaller cloud where Ludwig sits.

On his left, there is another smaller cloud reserved for this guy…


In which case I’m heading downwards.

Maybe find Robert Johnson.:japanese_ogre:


many years ago i visited his house in Bonn. great experience.


My chances are gone then. Beethoven and I don’t go along. We would end up having a fight in a pub.

Yes, sadly, not all are welcome in the House of Bob.
But there is time to repent. Turn your back on demons and false prophets, see the light and be enlightened…


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