🐤 Happy Easter to All

You are absolutely right.

Personally I see nothing happy about this Easter.
I simply hope everybody keeps safe and survives.
Please stay home to protect our health care workers and save lives, it is helping.

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Hoping everyone on the forum stays in good health during this terribly testing period for us all.



:small_blue_diamond:@northpole,…We are trying…Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:.

It’s a difficult time for all of us,.but it’s possible to make it nice,and feel good if you have a little imagination.
These cards I got today,.from a friend who lives a little more south…

• This is a nice environment,.when to eat the Easter-dinner during this self-isolation.

• Here we see some traditional ingredients in a Swedish Easter-dinner.

:heart:But I hope everyone remains here on the forum after this pandemic.

Take care out there…
/Peder :hatching_chick:


You know how to enjoy life! It’s a frozen lake?

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:small_blue_diamond:@frenchrooster,.Yes :+1:t2:.

But I miss my best (hifi) friend,.he came by for a while today,and we stood 5 meters apart (outside) and talked for five minutes before he went home again.

I Hate This Virus…



We won’t easily forget this 2020 Easter…Stay safe and enjoy some music!

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Making the best of it😉


I woke up early, around 7,30 a.m. I went to the bathroom, raised the shutters and saw the usual panorama since a month or so: a large crossroad, with a traffic light surrounded spaciously by small apartment buildings and a couple of public gardens.
While a light sun was already shyly illuminating everything, the absolute solitude of the place, and the surreal silence, keeping me company while I emptied my bladder, still half asleep, I looked outside the window and imagined the following scene.

A man, long hair, long beard, a Middle-Eastern look, was walking barefoot and perfectly alone in the middle of the road, clad in a white linen sheet. He looked around puzzled. In the absolute lack of any human being, he finally saw a car coming closer and stopping at the red light. He got to it, knocked at the window. Before opening, the man at the wheel pulled a cotton mask over his face.

  • Yes? - he asked.
    The man in the white clad looked at him with deep, empty eyes:
  • I don’t get it - he said – I’ve been away only three days, where’s everybody gone?

The man in the car drove away. The one in white stood still, and a little at a time he saw people coming. They were silent, in small groups but after a while the silent place was completely filled with them, who looked at him and said nothing.

  • Who are you? – he asked.
  • We were passengers of the Titanic - answered the one closer to him. – In three days we’ll all die in the wreck of the ship.
  • How many of you will die?
  • About fifteen hundreds.

The man in white linen seemed to muse for a moment.

  • Noah did better - he finally said. – He didn’t even lose a ladybug. Why are you here?

  • Because we’re the only who can go around. Only the dead can walk freely. The living must stay shut in their homes.

  • Why?

  • Because they breath. We don’t, so we’re not in danger. They wouldn’t see us anyway.

  • I see - said the man through his beard. – Is there anything I can do to prevent the wreck of the ship?

  • I fear not - answered another. – But it’s not so bad. We’re freer now than them. - Then he looked at the clad, Arab looking man. - People like you may not be most welcome these days. Have you got a place to go?

  • I fear not.

  • Then come with us.

  • Where?

  • Wherever. We have the world for ourselves now.

  • Ok - said he. They started walking slowly, disappearing in the still silent, immobile town.

I finished freeing my body from its minimal burden, and turned the eyes away from the scene.

Happy Easter to everybody.


An odd Easter Sunday it may be, but Happy Easter everyone nonetheless.




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You imagined all that while taking a pee…? That’s impressive

One thing I do miss now that the warmer weather is here; sitting up in bed with a cup of tea, the windows open listening to the sound of church bells floating up the valley mingling with birdsong. Happily the birdsong is still present.

A safe a pleasant Easter to all.


Have a Happy Easter in these challenging circumstances, and stay safe.


Happy Easter everyone: I love you all.


Looks like bunny’s been rewrapped!

Actually, I had this fantasy while going from the bathroom to the kitchen. I was still caffeine-less.

Buona Pasqua

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When we had problems with our tower , we stopped ringing the bells.

Tower fixed , we started ringing the bells again.

Nearby teenagers complained about the noise … Waking them up

Oh how I wish we were waking them up today , you just can’t take things for granted


Now Easter Is Over :hatching_chick:

• Some of us,.may have been able to stay in an environment like this.
Albeit we have been isolated.

• Others may have found other meaningful pursuits when they’ve been isolated :sweat_smile:.

• But our highest wish,.wherever we are,is probably that someone will find a solution to this pandemic.
To stop this Corona-virus,.so we can start seeing our friends,our colleagues again.

• If we just let our Professionals around the world do their job.
Well,.then I think we’ll be able to see each other again soon.

Until then,.Stay safe…


DO have a tolerable Northern Hemisphere Spring Equinox Indication.

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:small_blue_diamond:Okay,.my last picture of four just above.

A joke-picture of Mr.President,.linked to this text below has disappeared.
“• If we just let our Professionals around the world do their job.
Well,.then I think we’ll be able to see each other again soon”.

Too bad,.because it was funny.
Anyway,.Stay safe…

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