Happy Father's Day Dad

Wishing my Dad a Happy Father’s Day. Thanks for everything Dad.


Lost mine last year, this is the second Fathers Day without him. I expect a lot of us on here are in similar positions given the demographic of people who buy hifi, so here’s a nod to absent fathers everywhere.

Miss you Pa. xx


Some dads are bigger than others.
My dad was an arsxhole. Last time I spoke to him he just said " what do you want, I haven’t got any money"
Not that I wanted any and not that he was particularly short of it, but the sentiment didn’t settle.


I visited on safe distance my granddad, dad and father in law today. We all live in the same town. They all got fresh eggs from the chickens :slight_smile:


I’ve had a brilliant ‘Fathers Day’ weekend with my 3 stepdaughters and their families. They give me the family life that I never had and it’s so difficult maintaining social distancing, especially with the 5 grandkids.

@TOBYJUG You have my sympathy as I have nothing good to say about my father either, gone and forgotten.


A big happy father’s day for all you dads in the northern hemisphere. (Belated sorry).

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Although my father has passed a few years…I actually lost him some years before that…to dementia…
A sad illness to watch progress

Those of you that still have family… treasure them …


Those of you that still have family… treasure them …

I echo what you say. Both of my parents have gone Dad 12 years, Mum going on 3. I was lucky to have wonderful parents - make sure you appreciate them while they are still here!

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