Harbeth Compact 7 nap 200

Is the nap 200 sufficient to drive the Harbeth compact 7. I have now a Supernait 1, but i have a deal for a nac 282.

Really not sure ,but I ran m 30.1 with a 200 and then 250 dr and both sounded wonderful . If You have any “plans” to upgrade over the years, I’d try to stretch now and go for a 250 also. Primarily, with all the new equipment and lots of upgrades going on should be a better than usual assortment and pricing around. Good luck and enjoy :slight_smile: Wish I could make you a deal on my equipment. But so be it, but I still think now is a good time to search out 2nd hand equipment.

I was thiking of the nap200 for powering thé 282, because i dont have a hicap. Do s the Supernait could power the 282? 282 and Supernait as the amp?

I ran a Compact 7 XD with a SN2. It was PLENTY to drive it.

Yes you can power a 282 with a supernait.

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I have a Supernait 1 and no hicap…

Yes, I know- a supernait can power a 282, the connections are described in that post.

I’ve edited to put “supernait”, 1/2/3 all work the same way.
“ You’ll need to remove the link plug on the supernait and use a SNAIC4 cable to connect between the supernait power amp in socket and the 282 Standard socket (and put the supernait into Power Amp mode)”

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Thank you Robert.

If you’re looking for a 200 try to find a later DR version. In this case the DR spec applies only to the built in power supply that runs the preamp. Still not as good as a Hicap, but 282/200DR is nevertheless a very good amp.

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Would a 282 nap200 dr better than a Supernait 1 with a ndx2?

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Yes, I think you’ll find it a big improvement.

I think the NAP 200 will work just fine but if you like to play your music pretty loud then I think you will not hear the true potential of the speakers unless you go up to at least NAP 250. I would personally choose a serviced Olive NAP 250 if budget is tight.

Personally I much preferred Harbeth 30.2 being driven from NAP 135s than the NAP 250DR which proved to me that Harbeths love power.