Has anyone gone from a CB250 set up to a later one box?

I’m just confused.

I am starting from where I am, not from some idealised system. The SCDR/252/250-2 works well with my sht sources and speakers. I have various other kit left over. None of it is a definite to keep.
I want to raise funds for an ndx2/XPSDR and retain or replace the study kit from components or funds left over.
I have choices to make, I was hoping there was someone on here that had trodden a similar path from older CB kit (one of the choices) to newer one box kit.
I think I have my answer.

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Don’t sell the chrome bumper stuff. I think if it is a good set then you would regret it. It does need an environment like all these things to shine though…

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The Node and Qutest is hard to beat on value terms, I agree. However in the context of 252/250, let alone 552/300, it’s definitely not getting the most from the amplification. For context I enjoy my Node2i/Qutest for background listening or exploring new music. It is comprehensively outclassed by the Core through the Qutest which is, in turn, totally outclassed by the LP12. If you’ve not heard what your amplification is capable of using better sources then you owe it to yourself to try it.

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Thanks for all your comments.

I’m reminded that my plans started with the notion of a system for the study / bolthole based around my NAC32.5 and NAP110 (like others here I’ve never parted with a Naim…).

This would mean a new preamp for the main system. Means just about extend to a NAC202 - now discontinued I believe. Not sure if this would be a sufficient advance on the 32.5, and there’s also the phono stage matter.

Hence the idea of sidestepping to an integrated amp, either on its own or used as a preamp with the NAP250. HICAP and NAP110 have been serviced and re-capped quite recently, NAP250 is next for the treatment, whatever happens.

Out and out sound quality is not of primary importance, given my deteriorating hearing, and domestic constraints which mean most listening is at very low volumes. Oh, and I hate headphones…


I home dem’d an SN3 into the same system as a 32.5/Hicap/250 for a week or so. Quite different and yet the SN3 was clearly a Naim amp at the same time. Obviously a more modern sound, more open and refined, tonally correct, etc. I enjoyed the older gear more but then I use an old LP12 and vintage Linn speakers.

I was using Kan 2s at the time and they sounded quite good with the SN3 - a much better match than Linn’s more modern Katan and current Majik 109.


Thanks for that. It is the sort of comment that makes me think I should perhaps try and hear the sn3.
Merry Christmas to you.

SN3 vs. 32.5/Hicap/250 - I know the ideal for an amp is to be a “straight wire with gain”, but reality’s more complex. I understand the inference of a “Naim sound”. A meaningful demo sounds like a good idea.

Mention of the Kan 2s reminds me that transducers are in the plan too. My Kans are pair no.150, bought from Russ Andrews long before Linn admitted the product’s existence. I’d never let them go, but reckon something bigger is called for. As I write this, I’m listening to the NAP110 driving Sonab OA12s - a 21st century Sonab would suit me well if only such a thing existed. T+A in Herford gave it a go, but chose not to persevere.

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Yeah, that’s a bit harsh. They would be lovely as flower vase stands.

They are just not good at reproducing sound, but that isn’t the only use for speakers, is it?

I thank you for your insight.

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As for Sonab, if you like this omni presentation I’d suggest look at Swedish Larsen, Carlsson or Duevel Planet, maybe Shahinian.

Returning to the thread, I set up a third system with a Uniti2 into various speakers including Kans, Stirling LS3/5As, B&W 803D3s, even Linn Saras (just for fun), but the sound was weak compared with the other two systems - 52/PS/135s, and 82/scap/250 (all olive). So I bought a pair of CB135s, back to Naim for a service, had a cable splitter made by a U.K. firm, and use the Uniti2 as a streaming preamp. Excellent sound, but three boxes.
So IMHO I think it’s hard to make a single box as good as a set.

I can’t see a Supernait matching 52 Supercap and 2 x 135s. It doesn’t make sense.

I can see a Supernait being more attractive as a one box great sounding modern integrated though. Less hassles, less cables and modern.

I get it. But if you want a better sound then separates is answer. Simple.


However Bruss’s original query was Supernait 3 vs CB 32.5/HiCap/250

I have both but in different locations 100 km apart

Both are great , the SN3 has a somewhat fuller SQ and maybe bit more grip but the other perhaps bit more detail coming through

I’ve never tried them side by side so now that’s something I would like to do


IMO Supernaits are fine but separates easy wipe the floor, no contest.

That’s an interesting point but taking all separates against all one boxes then we have at one end the 90/92 and at the other the SN3.

I would imagine there is a sliding scale and a crossover point where one boxes are ‘better’ than the separates.


Yes of course, 32.5/HC/250 as noticed by OP

There could be discussed borderline integrated vs entrylevel pre/power, perhaps another thread.

The SN3 is more along the lines of 202 with 200. So a 32.5 HiCap 250 CB would be pretty close. Have you done a side by side comparison?

It’s going to have a different sound. Older Naim vs new has a different feel. Newer stuff being more refined and more detailed, greater clarity. Older stuff if serviced sounds organic, perhaps warmer in style.

My interim thoughts after a couple of days testing is to keep the non DR classic 250-2 and supercap, with the Olive 82 in the study. Everything else can go and with some of the funds released an interim streaming solution of Aries G1 in to the Qutest in the main set up will give me a chance to see how it sounds whilst waiting for a while to see if Naim integrate Amazon in 2022. If they do then the ndx2/xpsDR becomes the streamer of choice with the nd555 to follow later as funds become available end of 2022. If Naim decide to not go the Amazon onboard route, then the G2.1 combination may be the final streaming solution.

until I change my mind again if new streaming products become available.

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