Has Anyone Tried the New Kef KC62 Mini Subwoofer?

The new Kef Small sub looks very cool and apparently performs well. I like the idea of it being small and hidden, and just wondered if anyone had bought one yet and could recommend it. The internal design is quite intricate and it’s supposed to be very good.
I’d much appreciate any feedback on this.


I really hope someone already paired this with the Uniti Atom and maybe even the Kef R3’s as well.
I’m missing some extra bass watching movies and was considering this subwoofer.

Anyone also knows whats the best way to connect such a subwoofer is to a Uniti Atom?

The KC62 has speaker level inputs, so you would connect the sub to the speaker terminals themselves, not the Atom.
In other words, Atom → speakers → subwoofer

You have two options. Pre out on the Atom to the “Line” inputs on the sub using an RCA cable. Best avoided if you would need a very long cable, but that might depend on the final location you choose for the sub, and this might need some trial and error to determine.
High level connection from the speaker terminals. For this you can use any old cheap, thin speaker cables, but you will need to think about how you terminate them along with your main speaker cables into the same sockets.

If used second option, isnt it best to have 2 subwoofers? since bas is still stereo or isnt that true?

I think if i will buy the subwoofer i will go with the Kef KW1 Wireless Subwoofer Adapter Kit.

The sub has L + R speaker connections. If you go with the wireless adapter kit, you’ll need to work out how to connect that to the Atom. I think using the speaker connections would be best.

You should get better results from two subs, and any of the various connection methods will allow this.

My guess is that you would get better sound quality with a wired connection, but the WiFi option might be easier to set up so possibly worth a try. Perhaps you can get a dealer to let you try it and revert to a wired connection if it doesn’t work well.

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The Kef KC62 has both high-level and low-level (rca) input connections, so it can run off the speaker terminals or the sub outputs/preamp outs on an amp. Very cool.

I definitly would like to try it in my sytem. It seems to be sold out everywhere though.

What would be the best way to connect to a SN3 if not using the speaker terminals on the speakers? I have read somewhere that if you use the rca sub out on the Supernait you only use one channel?

Connecting to my speaker terminals would eventually result in additonal ugly cabling depending on where the sub will be positioned, hence my question.

You just connect the RCA sub outs to the RCA inputs on the Sub. 2 out, 2 in. You can probably download the owners manual online. I always download and read the manual, cover to cover, on any really new item like this before I buy it. I haven’t read this one yet tho …

Thanks David, i am also an advocate of manuals and i have actually read them both. However the information about the sub out of the Supernait is really sparse.

It seems logical to connect the 2xRCA of the SN to the 2x RCA of the Kef, but i was not sure if this will work as intended as i never used a sub before.

It’s a stereo amp so you use both sub out sockets on amp and sub. The amp also supports 2 subs if you want dedicated subs for left and right.

Home cinema amps ie 5.1 the lfe channel is mono so you connect 1 rca sub out on the amp to the lfe input on the sub. And again some amps double up the sub output so you can have 2 subs if you want, but these would be mono for surround sound there is just a single lfe.
LFE = low frequency effect.

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Yes, I agree that Sub connection is a tad cryptic. On my current sub there are two RCA inputs, and they are both labelled differently. I can’t hear any difference when I swap the connectors, so I don’t think it matters much. But it’s still just 2 out to 2 in.
Actually, I just read robert_h’s post, and that makes the LFE connect more clear. I don’t do the 5.1 thing.

Thanks Robert, got it. I guess we can be happy that Naim offers this option on a high end integrated.

I didn’t until start of this year when I bought a graded sub from Rel the lowest HT model. And this after having a home cinema amp setup for 20 years. Always 5.0. The sub has made a massive difference I wish I’d bought one years ago.

That’s good to hear. I do actually have an old Energy sub that I picked up for a song a while back, and I’ve been trying to integrate it into my system with poor results. From reading posts from people like yourself, I gather that a good sub that is well integrated can be excellent.
My big ol’ Kef R107s have great bass at mid to high volume, but most of my listening is at low to low-mid, so I need some more bass at that level. I think this miniature Kef sub may be just the thing, and possibly connected with the HAF Room Shaper unit that @Sloop_John_B was mentioning.
And it all sounds quite affordable as well, which is great because I’m cheap … well frugal …

Well I bought one. I’m using it with high level connection from a Meridian 556 power amp fed by a Uniti Star with Buchardt S400 speakers. I also have times that I can only listen at modest volumes and wanted to reinforce the excellent lows from the S400’s.
They integrated very easily and the sub is tucked away out of sight in a corner. I’m delighted that at all volumes it’s a step forward. Even manages to cure/ mask/ hide an annoying room mode in my untreated and quite damped lounge.
With a solid foundation to the music ( mixed genres), I was surprised by the expansion of the soundstage in all directions. The location of the sub is not perceived but the subtle effects are in harmony with instrument location.
The S400’s are modest sized stand mounters noted for a full range. The addition of the KC 62 rather suggests that most speaker types would benefit from that additional octave or so that a decent well integrated sub brings to the party.
I’m happy!

That 's excellent bilposter. I was hoping for an example exactly like yours.
It sounds like it does all the things that I was hoping for, and extremely well. The KC 62 will definitely be my next step forward regarding a sub. I listen to a fair bit of low to medium volume music, and the little Kef will add the bit that’s missing, nicely.
Thanks so much for the detailed review.


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