Has anyone used siltech speaker wire on naim nap 500?

I have the opportunity to try siltech 770l speaker wire on my system but I am worried in case the amp gets damaged… does anyone else use siltech speaker wire with naim? And what are your thoughts on it?

Interested in your thoughts if you try them.

I have the Siltech deltron-style bananas on both ends of my NACA5 and am impressed by their build quality. They definitely don’t sound worse to me than the soldered Naim Deltron bananas I had on the amp end and the Transparent bananas I had on the speaker side.

What is the cost of the Siltech 770i cable? I’m sure it isn’t inexpensive.

It’s the 770L I think, and it’s £6k for 2 x 3.5 m

Ouch…that is pricey. Too rich for my blood that is very much not blue. I’m good with NACA5 for my 300DR though. But curious what you think if you try it.

I tried a previous version of that Siltech cable with NAP135s a few years ago.
In comparison with NACA5, music sounded so incredibly smooth and flowed like liquid gold. It was amazingly refined after NACA5.
However, basslines were oh so very slow, as though the drummer & bass guitarist were on sedatives.
We ended up with Witch Hat Phantom speaker cable instead, though this is no longer available.
Hope this helps, if only a little.
Best regards, BF

Then don’t
simple as that, no fancy magic wire is creating miracles.
If you want overpriced: Naim Lumina or Chord Music.

It seems extraordinary to me that anyone would even consider paying six thousand squids when Naim amplifiers are designed to be partnered with NACA5, costing just a few hundreds.

But, as PerF has said, there’s always Super Lumina, if paying more money makes you think that you will achieve better sound.

Today Naim recommends any speakers cables with the new NC series.
Had the Naca 5 bottlenecks before, for years. Now Audience. A big box upgrade.