Has the Nova's screen died or is it a bug?

Turned the Nova on to listen to some music and sadly the screen is having issues. It is frozen on the home menu and won’t change despite what source I choose so it wont display any album covers or radio logo. Furthermore if viewed from left and top angles it shows like in the pictures. When viewed from the right or straight on the screen is very faint.

Panic over. Thanks to some help from a member of the Facebook Naim group I managed to get this sorted with a quick reset (unplugging at the mains). Phew!!

Better get used to it. My Nova, as much as I love the sound it provides, must be reset at least twice a week due to screen freeze. Honestly, one could expect more from a high end product…

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That’s patty why I went from nova to nd5xs2/ nait

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Blimey. That sucks. I have never had a problem so far and this is the first time that something like this has happened. Hopefully I wont suffer many of these glitches.

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I am nevertheless very happy with my Nova and I am sticking with it. Still, it’s annoying to say the least…

Agreed! Same for me…

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Also here!

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I have been in touch with Naim and can confirm that the screen freeze issue experienced by some users with the new Unitis is now fixed and has been thoroughly tested on the next firmware release.

The firmware release itself is still in Beta testing for some other items however I’m told to expect it to be released in the coming weeks but obviously until the Beta testing is completed successfully, Naim can’t commit to a firm release date just yet.