Have I gone mad?

So today I have ordered a Powerline for my Nova without ever auditioning the two items together. I daren’t even mention it to most of my family and friends - I know exactly what their conclusion would be if they discovered what a Powerline cost! Which leaves the question: have I really gone mad?

Most here will say a Powerline on a Nova makes a nice improvement. Mad? Well until you get it, you will have self doubt proportional to how much you have spent.

What answer are you looking for? Mad or not mad? You are fortunate to be able to spend £649 without knowing if it will make a worthwhile difference. If you don’t already have dedicated mains, bear in mind that you should very likely do that first.

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I’d go for mad, but only on the basis that you started a paragraph with So. That’s enough of a marker tbh.

As for telling people that you bought it and how much it cost; why would you? It’d be as weird as reporting to friends & colleagues how much wine you’ve bought and how much it cost.


Many of us lost the plot years ago but it hasn’t stopped us.
Once you accept madness is just a part of this hobby / obsession, who cares what anyone else thinks? :joy:


Let’s just say I’m HOPING for a worthwhile upgrade for the cost. (It is based on the understanding that it can be returned if it is not satisfactory.) I have had some experience of mains cables in general - just not the Powerline in particular - so it is not a complete shot in the dark. And, as Thegreatroberto said, the consensus on this forum is generally favourable towards the Powerline.

Talking of my experience with power cables generally; it is my experience that they make a greater qualitative difference than either speaker cables or interconnects do. Speaker cables (and to a lesser extent interconnects) can act almost like tone controls. They affect the presentation of music, perhaps emphasising some things over others. The differences are more immediately obvious than with mains cables. But good mains cables make a qualitative difference. Cleaner, less noisy, more substantial. It is on this basis I have high Hope’s for the Powerline…

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Four grand’s worth of audio gear that’s good by any standards, and can be significantly improved with the addition of a recognised upgrade…

That’s worth standing your ground for surely, pointing out to anyone who does (by your implication) think you mad that said critic is in fact a total philistine who wouldn’t know decent quality if it hit him in the face, then invite him to leave.


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Oh btw… unfortunately I rent my present home so a dedicated mains spur is not really an option.

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Only mad, then, if you’re wanting to own your own place one day. Because £649 (for a plug) is a good amount towards a deposit. Many people don’t mind renting though, so splurge away.

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Powerlines can make a subtle difference. I use 4 in my system. Not cheap but can be sourced used for a decent price.

Just take a look where sanity’s got us. Then worry about mad…


The average person sees hi-fi only as sold by department stores or that store related to Indian food. The concept of anything more is not on their radar. All a bit odd but that’s the way it is.
Also its a question of how loud will it play and masses of bass are the must haves.
I never offer to play my kit unless someone asks which is not often.
One guest looking at my B & W 802s did ask what they were. Another one tried to pick up the tweeter housing before I managed to restrain them.
Think of youself as being in an elite club.

Well I would only say mad if the money would have been better spent/needed for essential things or put by for a rainy day…
I was possibly mad in the past but those days are long gone. Who knows one man’s madness is another man’s normality…
I can’t remember the quote of a man in an insane asylum but he is pleading to be as sane as anyone else.
Doesn’t help really does it.
I also think a dedicated line from a consumer unit separated from all the nasty things as much as possible is a very worthwhile upgrade

I have always thought that if it is established that the Powerline makes an improvement, it should be included as a standard accessory with all Naim equipment and be considered as part of the whole design.


Yeah, I’d like them to throw in a Hiline with every streamer I buy. Maybe a couple of Fraim shelves too.

Good idea! Include a PowerLine with the Nait 5si, increase the price from £1,399 to £1,999 and watch sales rocket.

Oups! I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, it is just a personnal thought.

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Having a Powerline as an upgrade extends the model range and price points. Including a PL would be the same as Ford selling only Ghia models in their range, excluding Popular, Popular Plus, GL etc.

Yes I know those labels are old hat, but have no clue about the current differentiation. :blush:

No, I have a Nova and it is a very cost effective up-grade.

I did and ordered it within two minutes of listening , a lot of users are similarly happy. It has an immediate effect in terms of musicality and transparency

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Absolutely no.
It’s a great cable and will make a lift in your Nova. Enjoy.

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