Have I Got This Right..? (Twelve-Pack / NAXO Connection)

@suzywong Yes, they’re ‘split’ Briks, so two sets of inputs, one for the front-firing drivers , the other for the internal bass and upward-firing drivers.

@Yeti – yes, I’ve implemented an ‘RGB’ colour-coding scheme: Red = LF, Green = MF and Blue = HF. The guy making up the XLRs is using colour-coded plugs at both ends, and I’ve ordered a load of coloured stickers and cable ties, so – I think – it should be relatively straightforward… (famous last words ;0)

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This is the passive set up, with the crossovers feeding the drive units: simply unplug the bananas and you’re active! Conversely, if it all goes tits-up, I can go passive again just by plugging the 'nanas back in.

Here’s the label I made, which hopefully explains it a bit better:



Thanks for the kind words, Bob… although it’s not really about volume, rather sound quality… and it’s a damn fun experiment!

Impressive! And a nice job; did you do the rewiring yourself?


No way! It was done for me by Simon Hamnett, who specialises in that sort of thing…

So I assume that there are two 3-way XOs in the base of the cabinets, so you can run them passive but split.

Clever. Also, nice label!

Our DMS were modified before they came to us (possibly by SH, but there’s no label or signature). The XLR was removed (and the hole filled) and there are simply three pairs of banana sockets, at the bottom.

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Yes, dual-crossover versions. To think that I picked them up for £500 in 2002!


I just never had the room. I saw a pair of Linn Sara’s on the bay a couple of days ago, looked in good condition and only £350, damned tempted …but, I have happily committed to the SBLs.

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