Have you “King of snake” lately?

been a while but smashed it tonight on the Sl2. first time since the nap 500 upgrade wow bring on 2014!

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Is that some kind of in-joke, because completely senseless to me, both title and opening post!

You on the funny fags again?

Assuming it must be an underworld track.
Borrows from “I feel love” hence the writing credit for Moroder etc.



your showing your age when Spotify would be easier than posting

no never

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you da man!!

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If there was any indication it was a song title, perhaps…

yes, I did what general Macarthur said not to and made an assumption. with respect you are probably one of the most informed posters in this forum.

i have that under world album (Beaucoup Fish) on some first press tasty vinyl, it is breathtaking to say the least. i like Neil young too😝
im very sure your big system would send you to the stratosphere, no matter, your musical taste. Class A or is it A class :wink:

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