HD TV channel sound issues

Folks, apologies if this has been asked before, but I’m just installing a new Samsung TV, sound going through my Uniti Nova via the HDMI ARC socket.

Old fashioned channels (non HD) work fine, but any HD channel produces and awful, loud cacophony through the speakers. All HD channels are the same. The sound is OK through the TV speaker, so it’s something to do with getting from TV to Nova.

I tried changing the TV output from Bitstream to PCM, but it made no difference. There don’t appear to be any settings on the Nova that are relevant, so I’m a bit stuck. Can anyone help?

The DAC in your Nova is not Multi-channel so can only accept a 2 channel PCM output. You will need to set your tv to output Stereo 2channel PCM only.

Richard, apologies for a tardy reply but thanks for your help
on this. It’s sorted now though the process was bizarre. I couldn’t find a way of changing the output format, and had resorted to a Toslink cable. As soon as that was connected there were all sorts of new options, so I went back the HDMI and there it was. Very weird, a bit of Samsung nonsense I guess. As I say, sorted now, and Mrs G very happy she can turn on/off telly and sound with one button at last.
Thanks again.

That’s great news. Thanks for the update.

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