HDMI ARC Uniti Atom

Hi folks ,
I’m fairly new to this forum.
I have a Uniti Atom , PMC Twenty 5.21 speakers connected with Chord clearway speaker cables
TV is an LG C9 OLED.
I ran into an issue last week whereby Atom would show up when connected but no sound.
Unplugged chord hdmi cable re booted tv and also the Atom still no joy, checked HDMI was set to PCM OUT on the TV sound output etc.
The fix is to un plug both tv and the Atom from the mains, this resets the TV and the Atom , leave it alone , in my case went to bed.
Next morning fired everything up and all normal.
If you get any HDMI connection / pairing issues- un-plug tv / Naim product and give it 30mins / hour
I have done this a few times when this happens and HDMI connection issues are fixed.
I hope this helps .

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Press and hold the power button on the Atom until it flashes rapidly and turns off then goes to standby, then power it up again (after this soft reset) and audio will be working over hdmi arc.
You can also switch between radio and HDMI input before a soft reset, if that doesn’t resolve the issue then do the above soft reset.
You don’t need to power everything off in my experience and those above steps always resolve any no audio on HDMI issues.

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