Hi Naimers, I’m sure this has been covered somewhere before but I want to use my second system (Nova and Dynaudio Special 40’s) as my amp for my TV as well. Am I correct in saying: Blue ray player to TV via HDMI and TV to Nova via HDMI (arc on TV) and no need for additional audio cable (coaxial or optical)?

If your nova accepts the signal via hdmi from the tv, yes.
If not, use optical.
In both cases, set the tv output to pcm stereo.



If you wish to use your TV remote to control the sound level you must connect the TV to the Naim using HDMI ARC.

You’ll get sound with an ‘ordinary’ optical connection, but will have to use the Naim remote, or app, to control volume.


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Great stuff, didn’t know that, thanks for the advice!

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