HDMI Audio Format

Just going through the menu on the TV and notice these settings , Auto, PCM,Pass through, Dolby Audio, which setting should it be on as I have a Sonos beam gen 2 ? Thank you

if the device is stereo, then PCM. If an AV receiver then pass through. if an older receiver or sound bar, Dolby.

So would that be Dolby setting for latest Soundbar as well(Dolby Atmos) thank you

Well if it’s a super duper sound bar that supports ATMOS, DTS-MA, and Dolby True HD, then you’d want Pass Through (assumes no change in format and the receiving device can decode whatever you throw at it).

Dolby as-is generally means plain old Dolby Digital or Dolby Digital Plus which is a good lowest common denominator for surround sound as everything that does surround sound supports it.

HDMI is two way so Auto might work too. In Auto, the TV queries the device which sends back it’s capabilities to the TV and then the TV picks PCM, Pass Through, or Dolby depending on what it thinks is best. But I’ve seen that negotiation fail a lot and anded up with a lesser stream then was supported.

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