HDMI Auto Switching - Muso 2

Good morning,

I have seen the other posts about eARC / handshake issues between Naim products and TV’s and how this can be affected by TV software updates etc, but I have experienced a slightly different problem in this respect.

Setup is LG C1 48 OLED via HDMI eARC to Muso 2.

Mostly, when I turn on the TV, the Muso comes to life and everything is good. But if I have been listening to internet radio on the muso, or other external input such as 3.5mm and then later on come to watch TV and turn the TV on, the Muso stays asleep and sound comes out of the TV speakers.

TV off and on again, no change, Muso stays asleep.

The only way to get the Muso to begin responding to the TV being switched on is to manually select the HDMI input either in the Naim app or on the Muso its self.

HDMI auto switching is, and always has been, set to ‘on any input’, but it just doesn’t do it ‘on any input’.

Any other experiences of this quirk?

Thanks everyone.

Factory reset of the Muso 2 sorted it.

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