HDMI Input missing on UnitiStar

Hello, I am hoping someone can help me.

The HDMI input on my UnitiStar has disappeared - ie it is not showing up as an input anymore,

I’ve had my UnitiStar for 2-3 years and had it connected to my Sony Bravia via its HDMI 3 Arc enabled input. It has worked perfectly until last week one day I turned it on and the input was gone

I have followed the usual process - powered up, refreshed the software, done a factory reset.

None of this has been successful restoring the HDMI input on the app or the Star. My dealer is also stumped.

I am hoping someone has experienced this and may have some advice or solution.


Have you actually pulled the plug out from the wall, rather than just turning the Star off and on again? Try that first.

I’ve no idea how an input can just vanish, and if your dealer can’t resolve it, it’s time to email or phone Naim Support.

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Have you turned the input off accidentally? I would go into the input setting and see whether it is on or not. If off turn on. If on, try turning off and on to see if that works in getting it back.

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