Hdmi not working with Atom

This subject has been done before back in July 2019 but I’m having problems with the connection between a 3 year old Samsung smart tv and Atom. After 4 weeks it worked today just out of the blue and now it’s not working again.
I have tried everything reset the tv and the atom, different hdmi cables Tried a panasonic tv , must have switched it on And off 20 times now and nothing.
I just give up !!
Does anyone else have the same problem as I’m starting to think it’s faulty.

Have you tried hard power cycling both the TV and the Atom?

Otherwise, best to liaise with Naim support. HDMI ARC can be hit or miss with some TVs.

Hi have, so will contact my dealer at some point. I Just was wondering if anyone else has the same issues

Hi, mine’s had this kind of problem from the beginning, i can see it as airplay device on my iphone but i can’t stream anything to it. I bought it this December.
Here’s the answer from tech support:

"It looks as though from your description there may be an underlying issue with your AiPlay authentication chip on your unit. Please take this back to your local retailer, they will be able to arrange for your unit to be repaired and tested. "

Unfortunately, I can’t take it back to the dealer right now.

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