HDMI on Uniti Atom makes a sharp static noise


I just got the Uniti Atom the other day. When I switch to HDMI arc, the speakers make a loud constant hissing/feedback sound.

I’ve read that some people have the same HDMI issues when using HDMI arc on their TV.

I have the Sony Bravia XR A80K, using Audioquest Pearl 48 HDMI to the Atom.

Everything else is fine. It’s just the HDMI.

I hope there’s a fix for it. Any help welcome.


Please make sure to set your tv output to pcm stereo, the atom does not support surround sound which is what you are hearing.

Yes it is on PCM stereo. Still the same issue. Others had similar problems.

It could be floating mains on the TV trying to find its way to earth via the Atom. You can’t safely lift the mains earth on the Atom but you could try the signal earth switch and see if that makes any difference.

If no joy then you may well be better off using the TOSLINK optical connection instead.

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Thanks, I ended up getting an optical cable and that worked out.

The dealer also helped me out, so apparently there are extremely many options hidden in the Sony Bravia that switching to PCM stereo and turning off all the Dolby stuff and having HDMI arc output isn’t enough. Too complicated to explain but the HDMI also ended up working anyway!

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