HDMI - TV audio to 200 or 300 series?

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Perhaps a dumb question, but is there any sensible way to take the HDMI output from an TV and feed it into an NSC 222 or NSS 333 for just the audio? I’m guessing I’d need an HDMI to DIN cable. Or is an optical feed the best / only way?

No such thing as HDMI to DIN as that would require a DAC in the middle. Optical is the easy way here.

Ah yes, as HDMI is digital. Thanks.

I use a fibre optic digital link between my TV and 222, it works fine.


It’s possible to buy HDMI audio extractors inexpensively, but most of them only seem to provide stereo analog or optical connections. If you already have those on your TV then there’s little point to the devices.

FYI you may need to turn the Input Trim to 10, the optical level output on my Panasonic TV was a little on the low side.

I’ve had the same issue with my MuSo V1.

Does your TV have an Toslink output?

Just checked. The TV does, but I had been wondering if I could use the HDMI output from my Apple TV box. No Toslink there unfortunately.

It’s a moot point really as there is no HDMI input on the 222 or 333.
Rather than taking an output from an Apple TV, set top box, DVD player etc. it’s generally best to take it from the TV which will then send audio from any source to the streamer. Just be sure to set the TV to output PCM stereo and it should work reliably over optical SPDIF, which is generally more reliable than HDMI in any case.

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Thanks. I’ll check if PCM stereo on the TV is a selectable option or the default.

I’ll plug the Apple TV HDMI output into the TV (there is no aerial feed where it’s fitted).

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