HDtracks.com and .co.uk

Do you need to get a separate account with HDtracks.com and HDtracks.co.uk?
Their .com has the following LP but aparently not their .co.uk site!
Riding With The King
B.B. King

I don’t know the answer to your specific question but perhaps the UK site has it listed under Eric Clapton?

Simple answer is Yes.
However you are not permitted to go into .com as its the USA site, music royalties, licencing law & HDTracks pricing is different between USA & UK & the HDTracks website redirects your UK identifier to .co.uk.

I have an account with both as I ‘have’ a US e-mail & postal address

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Technically - yes.
US site is generally cheaper and has larger discounts / special offers. So I tend to use that one.

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Do you use a VPN?

Likewise I tend to favour the US site and have bought a few albums where high res versions weren’t available outside of the US. VPN used here.

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I can set up a VPN via my employer. But I rarely use that.

It’s very easy to set up a VPN on an iPhone or computer. You can tell it to use a server in the US, or whatever location is relevant.
Sometimes there are additional restrictions, such as needing to use a payment card from the same country, but the seller may or may not impose this.

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Yes - VyprVPN for Mac and iOS.

Comes in very handy when travelling all over the world. Works in China too :slight_smile:

but how use a credit card which is registered in Europe ?

I guess you would just have to try it and see. There may be licensing or other restrictions that prevent the US site from selling in Europe, but they are a business, and if they want your money, they may not enforce that beyond looking at your location, which is masked by the VPN.

Use PayPal :slight_smile:


i entered an adress in us , with us telephone, paid by paypal. It worked the first time but after they sent me a message that i can’t buy outside us. I should perhaps change my adress on paypal and registered with the us ( not true) adress?

Is it easy to create a VPN? on pc?

the problem with hdtracks for me is that you have to buy the entire album, not like on qobuz or bandcamp, where you can buy individual tracks.

Yes, I use ExpressVPN, which has a free trial, and you can use it on multiple devices, computer, phone etc. Just choose a US based server from the list it gives you.

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And that’s why I don’t use them anymore. Their prices are rarely competitive and I object to getting a lower “discount” than US-based customers. I’ve also found some of their hi-res downloads are just upscale 16/44 versions. I find highresaudio.com far better.

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Logged into VPN over weekend. .co.uk was 40 quid for an album. Bought it off US site (.com) and with 15% off got it for half price (£20.98). We are definitely being ripped off!

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