HDX and download fra Tidal

Does a HDX have the possibility to connect to and download Tidal Hi-fi and MQA in the highest quality and PLAY it? I don’t use the DAC in the HDX.

No, Tidal downloads can only be stored on the device that runs the Tidal app, such as an iPhone. It’s intended for portable use where streaming over a network would be unreliable.
Also, the HDX does not support any web streaming services such as Tidal. In the Naim world, you need a streamer for that.

Thnx mate, your answer leads me to the next question. Can I transfer downloaded Tidal files from my iPhone to the NAS and control the playing from the HDX?

Unfortunately not, Tidal will not allow the files to be accessed from outside their app.

I used to play Tidle from an ipad directly into an nDac uing a usb cable. Sounded good too. I think this will not work directly into a HDX. The nDAC is a good upgrade for the HDX anyway?

Thank you, I’m the proud owner of both a Steinway-Lyngdorf system. It comes with a built in DAC. I use that system in Denmark.

I also own an Ayon/JBL system.

Both systems are fed by an HDX.

I was just curious if I could save myself the trouble of having to buy new CDs and rip them and rip directly from the net in at least wave quality.

I can stream easily to the Steinway system
The Ayon is except for the HDX equivalent to Stone Age Technology. So

You can certainly use the HDX to store and play downloads. Many people purchase 16/44 and Hi-Res downloads instead of CDs and play them on Naim or other servers.
(If your HDX is very old, it may not support this without a firmware update, and possibly a hardware upgrade depending on age.)

It is probably 2015 models. Where do you/they buy these downloads?
The sites I have found charges 20-25 USD.

CDs are certainly cheaper (used ones are almost free!) and in my experience, HiRes does not always sound better. Ripping a CD is quick and easy, so that is mostly what I do.

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