HDX Desktop Client warning dialogue

First time on this forum and you all sound very knowledgeable !
Can anyone help?..
I run an old faithfull HDX coupled to an 12Tb NAS…
All working fine for many years but am having trouble with the Desktop Client…
Recently and for no apparent reason it loads fine but I immediately get a warning dialogue pop up telling me that " Authentic operation resulted in an overflow ".
I can see the client in the background working fine inc. track playing etc. but cannot access it and the only way to get rid of the warning is to Ctrl/Alt/Del out of it.
Upgraded to Win11 early in the year but that did not cause any probs and have tried various compatability modes.
Run out of ideas…would be grateful for any info from you guys.
Many Thanks…

I use a Mac but wonder if deleting the desktop client / app and reinstalling it might sort out the problem?

Morning Blythe…
My Bad…something quite simple and silly ( on my part ) really…had recently updated firmware and forgot to update NDC!
Your reply prompted me…
Regards Andy

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