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I guess this was answered many years ago but being new to The Naim Brand and not having access to the old forum yet, I have some further questions about the HDX.

I have ripped quite a few CD’s but missing the artwork from a couple. Is there a way to copy and past the artwork from the web as I cant seem to locate the jpg folder. On other devices like Logitech and MF Encore it was the last track of the album tracks.

I have found the “feature” to right click on album artwork using a PC and it will do another search, but its not found the artwork. A couple are very new CD (Jan 2019 and Nov 2018) and another one is on the producers own label.(Mike Valentine).


Assuming that you’re using the n-Serve app on a tablet, or the desktop version on a PC, then select the album in question, (don’t play it, as you can’t edit while doing so), then hit the “edit” button towards the top right of the screen.

“Change cover” is the first option on the top line on the resulting screen, choose “Web Search”. Once it finds the one you’re looking for, tap the image to open it, then hold it down and “use image” should appear …and all should be well, once you hit the “done” button, bottom right.

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Many thanks, I found it now.I also found the user guide for Desk top client interface.

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If the album is a CD ripped on the HDX, do not make any changes on a PC (other than via the desktop client) as this messes up the database on the HDX.
I find that by far the easiest way to edit artwork and other metadata is with the N-Serve app on an iPhone or iPad.

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Hi, I’m new to Naim and also the Forum, so apologies if this is the wrong place to post this question. I recently purchased the Naim Uniti Core. I have been successfully ripping my CD collection and seem to have mastered how to edit the metadata. With the App, I have also managed to edit the CD covers and find CD covers when they don’t automatically appear. However, on two occasions, a number of the CD covers disappear altogether, only to reappear hours or days later. Does anyone know why this happens and is there something I can do to avoid it? Thanks!

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