HDX Operating System

Hi I am new to the forum. I have just experienced the “Start Up” issue with the HDX. I have connected a monitor and keyboard and it says I am missing the boot sector, so it I suspect a corrupted Operating System. Does anybody know a dealer who can reinstall please?

Probably you will need to send it back to Naim for a service unfortunately.

If it were me, I would probably first try a new CMOS battery as that is a cheap fix. It’s a CR2032 which you can buy in most supermarkets. After changing the battery, you have to reset the CMOS to the Naim default. This is easy to do once you have your VGA and keyboard attached.

Thanks, ill give it a try

If the CMOS troubleshooting doesn’t solve your problem I believe Naim is the only current servicer for the HDX since it’s been discontinued.

Don’t know about the UK but in the US, only the NAIM distributor could ever fix this and they had to get new drives (with the OS pre-installed) from the UK.

They might be a good ploy, ill investigate thanks

ill keep looking, thanks

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