Hdx software removing all music from the internal hd

One of my friends have a failing hdx. I am probably going to sell her my old ns01, with an internal 2 tb disk since I do not use it anymore and hdx is out of reparation at Naim. The problem is the 900 albums I have on the hd. If most likely when we find that it works fine at her place I would like to just delete them, but as I remember the dtc there is no quick way of doing that. I have a backup of all albums so even if the ns01 goes back to my place this is not a big loss if they are deleted. However if I have to select all albums put them to trash, and then remove all albums from trash, knowing the software this could take days to perform.


I have not done this on an HDX but I did on a Unitiserve and it is relatively quick because you aren’t actually moving or removing the files, but just deleting them from the index. So only a few bits are handled and no-one could easily rebuild once the file location data is gone.

As far as I recall, I used n-serve for IOS to delete the files, not the DTC which I never liked. Maybe 50 years ago it would have seemed cute…

But extremely good at what it was doing or rather good at controlling the streamer and selecting music. I still mis it but have learnt to live with the mobile apps. I will have to fire up the ns01 and take a look at the options before I try to sell it on.

Not sure what this means but I believe Naim can still replace/update the HDD in the HDX without too much issue and, depending on your location/distributor, they can even update it to SSD (not with SLC drive, though).

Yes but a second hand HDX is like 500 quid, and a new harddrive from naim is more than that, so not really economically viable.

I say enjoy HDX/Unitiserve whilst they live, but plan for failure now. But most of all, move on!

The day I sold on my Unitiserve and could stop worrying about unscheduled power cuts shutting it down abruptly was a very good day! At least with a UnitiCore I don’t have to worry about that.

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I looked in n-serve for ios and see no obvious way to remove all albums. Ofcourse since I am leaving with the unit in a few hours I am a bit too late on this one.

You have to delete them one at a time, but it’s quick to do.

Just let it go who cares? The new user can bin them if they want

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