HDX-SSD network setup

I’ve acquired an HDX-SSD which all seems to be working CD/Internet Radio etc however I cannot get it to see file shares. I have two devices ynology 410j and a WD Mycloud. When I rescan for network shares it does not pick anything up, but does return from host scan very quickly (2secs approx).

Couple of things I’ve noticed fp is setup on normal IP range but HDX appears also at 224! I wonder if this is static address. My ND5 sees the HDX as uPNP source so network is running ok, also my Synology sees my ND5 as client - although does not see HDX

Anyway also I thought maybe try to add a share with UNC file name. So doing this through front panel is a pain but if I enter valid path it will prompt for password - great I thought. However, get past this stage and it says you haven’t entered host name/ IP address, there is nowhere I have found that allows you to enter that? If I connect up monitor mouse is there more screens?

Is there a way to factory reset it??

HDX has two IP addresses, so that is quite normal (one is for the server and one for the display I vaguely remember).

Probably your issue is that HDX only speaks to shares etc using the SMB1 protocol and SMB1 is heavily deprecated these days for security reasons. So almost certainly your NAS and indeed your PC will be using SMB2 or SMB3. They won’t respond to requests from the HDX using SMB1.

Microsoft never patched Windows XP (which is the OS the HDX uses) to use anything other than SMB1 so you will have to change the settings enabling SMB1 on anything you want it to talk to.

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If you have Windows 10/11 then there is a simple registry change you can make to re-enable SMB1

For Synology I run it as follows with my HDX. Subdirectories do not work, only a directory/folder at the highest level, call it Music if possible. Try the HDX setup to login as a guest, leave the password empty. Make sure the guest account on the Synology can write/read the directory you want to share and has no password as well. The HDX settings can be made with the n-Serve application. If this works you can add passwords etc. and see if it keeps working.

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Probably not, as David says the HDX uses two IP addresses. If it is, download the SetIP Tool from the HDX web page and use it to reset to DHCP.

Which user interface are you using to do this? Of the various options available I find the browser interface the best way to manage network shares. This is essentially the same UI as you get on the front screen, and available network shares should automatically appear on the list from which you can enable them.

So logged a ticket with Naim and got a good response from them. I had set the Synology NAS to SMB1 luckily its old enough to support that. They key did seem to be setting the Workgroup=NAIM rather than the Windows default of WORKGROUP. Once I set that did seem to get all the shares from the Syn displayed and then I could authenticate them… Thanks again all and Duncan from Naim!

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I’ve got three directories created by the HDX, anyone know what determines what goes where. HQ, MQ etc : presumably high quality, medium quality?

I hadn’t tried that as it says you require Flash compatible browser? Did you manage to make it work without Flash? That’s been removed from browsers for a while now. That would be massively easier as entering passwords with FP is painful!

Naim only uses MQ actually. The LQ and HQ are just a historical artifice.

Use this workaround to access the browser interface:

Regarding HQ, MQ etc. these are sub-folder names used in the Music Store folders. HQ is unused, MQ is for CD rips, and LQ is for the ‘parallel library’ of MP3s you can optionally have made from CD rips. You cannot manually add, edit or remove anything from these folders without causing problems. If you want to store anything other than CD rips look for a folder called Downloads, or create a separate Network Share.

Thanks will give that a try…


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