HDX Store - Copy not move

I have a interesting question, for some reason i can not get the back up function of my HDX working, i have a external store and everything is now covered into flac, so it will all fit on the internal hdx hdd.

i would like to move it back to the hdx but keep a copy on my nas. i will not be ripping any new cds. i don’t want to move it and then make a copy back on then as, i just want to make a copy to the hdx

any ideas?

thanks all

Is the external store functioning as the designated ‘music store’ that contains CD rips made on the HDX?
Does your HDX have a downloads folder as well as a music folder? (It should, unless it’s a very old one which hasn’t been updated.) If you can locate the downloads folder on the internal hard drive you should be able to copy the music files onto it.

i have a original HDX (2x500gb) and can move from internal to external store no problem

i want to move from the external store to the internal but not delete from the external store

modern NAS don’t work with he HDX due to the SMB1 update to SMB2 or whatever the change was. so am using a older NAS that is compatible

This I kept from a long time ago:

May 10, 2012 11:11 AM

Originally Posted by Steve w:

Phil, I am also a little confused…can you provide a simple explanation of how to back up the Unitiserve with a view to being able to transfer that back up info back onto the Unitiserve after breakdown or whatever ? thanks steve w.

It’s a very complex process…

  1. Set the HDX / UnitiServe to backup to a shared folder on a NAS.

  2. Listen and enjoy.

  3. If a problem occurs where you have to restore the music from the backup folder to an HDX or UnitiServe then simply allocate the backup folder as a STORE and move the music from the store to the HDX / UnitiServe - then go back to step 1.



got all that, I don’t want to move the music, i want to copy.

its currently on the NAS i want it on the HDX but want to keep the copy on the NAS.

doing it the move way, i will have to:
1 move music from las to HDX
2 copy music from HDX to NAS

its 450gb it will take 2 weeks, if i can copy not move its 1 week (as i don’t need to copy it back to where i moved it from)

If you have the space on your NAS, make a copy before you move?

seems crazy to have to do that, there used to be a copy function on the HDX, and i don’t have space, hence my predicament

will be moving away from HDX and going for a streaming solution, to roon for a solution. had a decade of solid service from the HDX

Running a server and Roon certainly will eliminate some of these “rules” by which the Naim servers work - which by 2020’s standards do seem outdated.

The Naim ripper/servers I’m sure were designed that way to prevent/reduce customers messing up the data; locking it down made some sense. To the expense of making other operations, such as getting the backup set up, more complicated than by today’s standards it should be.

Can’t be done with the old 2x500GB unit. You need the 2TB unit with the internal “downloads” folder capability. Not sure why, just the way it is.