HDX Touchscreen Monitor?

Hi, I am the proud owner of a Naim HDX which I would like to improve with an external Touchscreen display. I have tried a modern 10 point touchscreen and a 3 point touchscreen and neither touch part works or is recognized by the setup. However an old point of sale touchscreen with a screen size similar to the HDX so not of a great deal of use did work correctly. The displays show the controls but the touch fails to work. Naim support says there is no one that remembers what the parameters required are. I have managed to get a hand held air mouse remote to work with the screen which is actually rather good but woul like to have a touchscreen monitor compatible with the 14 year old drivers in the HDX. So anyone out there that knows a make/model that will work with the HDX or has any more information ?
Thanks for reading , regards Norm

Hi, Not sure if this helps or not but I operate my HDX via my iPad and naim app. Works a treat for me and the kids can even use it that way.

I can’t recall the make or models of the touchscreens that we used to use with the HDX and NS01s at the factory and at shows, but the internal OS was based on Windows XP, so it could well be that a touchscreen that works with XP will work with the HDX.

FWIW, I generally found that the most useful control other than an iPad or similar, was to plug into a large 50" TV or monitor and then just use the remote control.

Hi, I am using an ipad and also a windows PC but I like the idea of the touchscreen display for choosing the music I would like to hear and the larger cover display picture looks well.
Thanks for your comments though.

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I was thinking an old touchscreen used on an Xp system might do the job but what surprised me was the fact it worked with an air remote which is really up to the minute. I think your comment is totally valid though. I was hoping someone out there may already be doing this and might have a make and model screen I could look out for. Thanks for your feedback, much appreciated.

Hi Norm, is the N-Serve app not sufficient for your needs?

Hi Chris, The short answer is really no. I didnt want to have an ipad at all.

Fair enough, but if you want touch screen control, N-Serve us what you need, and iOS is the platform it runs on. You don’t need the latest model, a basic used one would be fine.

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