HDX USB power

Hi there: Anybody know what the output power support of the HDX rear USB ports is? USB ports are typically 5v at 500mA-2000mA but I can’t find the information anywhere on the NAIM site or on Google. I’m currently using a wireless G bridge on the HDX to my network (which spec’d at 5.2v/1000mA) but want to upgrade this to a wireless AC bridge (which is spec’d at 5.2v/2000mA).

I don’t have the option of an ethernet connection and I’m not streaming across a network (its a dual 500Gb HDX, connected locally), just using it for internet music database connections when ripping and for control from my ipad/iphone. Also, while I could get a USB extension cord to power the adapter from the mains, a direct plug into the HDX would be much simpler and neater.

Hi sktn77a,

The datasheet for the motherboard doesn’t mention the USB power spec, but it is a low power motherboard with USB2, so I would say they are 500mA.


When I had an NDX I asked Phil Harris when he was at Naim if I could run a small low-powered network device off the USB port, and he strongly advised me to keep it well out of the way. I suspect he would have said much the same about your HDX.

Thanks guys. I can probably rig something up with USB and ethernet extension cords.

The device I was using was supplied with a Eurpoean spec wall wart, so I was looking for an alternative way to power it in the UK. Having been warned off using the NDX, I just bought an iFi iPower which worked fine.

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