Probably a question for Richard or Claire. I would like to power my WiFi bridge for my HDX from one of the HDX’s USB ports. The bridge needs 5V/2A (Vonets VAP11AC). Most USB ports are good for 0.5A, maybe 1.0A, but some devices can power a 2A load.

So, what is the rated power output of the HDX’s USB port?

I can’t give you a figure, although Naim usually provide USB ports with a fairly generous amount of power. What ‘generous’ means in a port only intended to take memory sticks might be another matter though. Probably one to ask Naim support.
When I discussed a similar idea with Phil Harris a few years ago he very strongly discouraged the use of these ports to power any sort of networking equipment due to the level of interference they could pump into the device.

I don’t know. One for Naim support I reckon.

Thanks guys. How does one contact NAIM support?
(I’m in the US, Focal-Naim are unresponsive).

As it’s a legacy product, it’s probably best answered here in Salisbury

I’ll see if anyone can remember in the meantime!

Thanks Clare.

Looking at the motherboard specs - I can’t see any reference to current ratings. But it does quote USB2, which should be 1.5A.
There will be over current protection inbuilt, so it will either work, or not!


Thanks Neil. Yes, as a rule, if the device is trying to draw more current than the port can provide it usually results in intermittent performance/functionality issues with the device (rather than as issue with the HDX). The HDX has worked OK with a lower powered wireless N bridge for the last 10 years but I just wondered if I could use a slightly higher current wireless AC bridge. I guess I’ll just have to try it.

Heard back from the hardware team - they don’t advise this, i’m afraid, as it’s around 1 Amp. They say the rails would drop too much, and it wouldn’t work effectively.

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OK, thanks.

Might be worth investing in one of these. (KCX-017) Mine only cost £6.00.

Even though the power supply is specified as 3A, it doesn’t mean the bridge draws 3A. I use a SBT which is supplied with a 3A power supply, when I checked how much it actually draws; I found it was only 480mA. So, no problem powering it from my nDAC.

Can’t say I noticed an improvement using the NDAC USB over the standard power supply. What I did find, was, sonically the best option was to use an Anker power pack, which supplies 2A.

Interesting - didn’t occur to me to look for one of these. I’ll check it out on Amazon and the 'bay.

Just thought I’d chime in here. I have a Crucial 500Gb ssd hard drive connected to the front USB port of my NDX 2. Formerly, it was connected to the same port on my Superuniti. Worked fine with the SU and is fine with the NDX 2.

All the tracks on the hard drive show up on the Naim app on my iPad.

The hard drive has to be formatted to FAT32.

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