HDX + XPS sound quality

My HDX with XPS is connected to my preamp using analogue DIN. If I would change the preamp and connect the HDX digitally, would the XPS still improve the HDX sound?

Which preamp are you looking to change to?

Presumably it’s one with a digital input?

Don’t know which one yet, but for sure with a digital input to connect others sources like DVD player digitally too.

I just wonder if the XPS also improves the sound quality of the HDX if I use the HDX digital output. On the analogue output it improves the sound a lot.

easiest solution for a decent uplift in SQ would, imo, be add an ndac, swtich the XPS to that, all other digitall sources you plug in would then benefit from the boost in SQ. Adding Ndac to my HDX was bigger uplift than adding a 555ps to the HDX i found. HDX+Ndac+555 was sublime :slight_smile:


According to the HDX white paper the external supply feeds the digital section too including the S/PDIF output so this output will still benefit from the XPS. Best try it for yourself though when you get your new DAC.

I’d second that! NDAC a bigger upgrade than 555ps but the two together was pretty special

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As an XPS / nDac owner myself I think that’s a good idea given the that the sentiment on here seem’s to be that the nDac secondhand is good value and it has plenty of inputs.

Taking into account the rapidly developing streaming scene and the uncertainty / delays to product development (especially with regard to the 272’s replacement) as a result of Covid, then a ‘bide your time’ approach could seve you (@Hoekie) well.

Presumably you were powering the nDAC with the 555PS?

When I bought my nDAC, to upgrade my HDX, I switched my XPS over to power the nDAC. The XPS had previously powered the analogue end of the HDX, but if I’m not mistaken it was not relevant to the HDX digital output.

But I wouldn’t do what you’re suggesting. I’d keep your preamp, invest in an NDX2 as your DAC and streaming source (with your HDX feeding digital signal into the NDX2), and move your XPS across to the new NDX2. In time (especially once you’ve experienced the free trial of Qobuz), you’ll be wondering whether to sell on your HDX.

Enjoy the endless possibilities while you decide. Then best wishes with your choice of upgrade path.

Thanks james_n, I read the HDX white paper. As you wrote, it also supplies power to the digital section so I will keep it. Thanks all for your replies, very helpful.

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