Headfi Bliss

With the drop in prices due to the new models, I was able to score a sweet deal for an NDX. I run it into my NDAC for my main system (supplanting my UQ2 as a transport), and it also doubles as an upgrade to my desktop UnitiQute 2 / headphone setup, which is in the same room as my main system.

The improvements are notable and enjoyable all around, but the most profound improvement is with my headphone setup.

I now run my Headline 2 / T-Headline PSU / Audeze LCD-X setup from the RCA outputs of the NDX, instead of the non-ideal preamp output (set to volume 75) from the UQ2 (which unfortunately doesn’t have a line level out).

I’m not sure if it was the removal of the UQ2 redundant preamp, or the better DAC in the NDX (probably both), but Holy Transistors, Batman!


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