Headline 1 or 2?

What is the difference between them.
I thought it may be olive versus classic but have seen facelift models described as Headline 1 and 2 ?

1, new case - pretty obvious
2. Alps pot - the older pot was often reported for “going crackly” with age, and hence requiring replacement (mine certainly did!)
3. long black “wine gums”. thermal shunts between pairs of transistors, with aim of enhancing thermal stability.

Sound wise?

Well I have both types, and the NAHA2 does have the edge over the NAHA1 (tried 'em side-by-side, running from my 82 into Senn 650, using my collection of NAPSCs…). Not sure I could tell them apart in a blind test though.

Could live happily with either, which, come to think bout it, I do :laughing:

The NAHA2 also had better driving capability for more difficult 'phones.

So the Black Case are all Headline 2 ?

There is no mention here… https://www.naimaudio.com/product-history

Yes, if it’s in the later case it’s a NAHA 2.

Which is great if you know what the NAHA1 case looked like! :smile:

Think very small “Olive” shoebox, and you’re there :slight_smile:

You can find a few photos on t’web, using that well known search engine…


Naim NAHA1

Will that do…???


Perfect…thank you…so mine is a 2!

So just got mine today with the NAPSC…is the HC a significant and worthwhile upgrade?
Currently have some Sennheiser Momentum 2…but have a pair of Sennheiser HD 660s arriving tomorrow!

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I used to run my NAHA1 with an old NAPSC1 (squat black “bent tin” version; as before, use your favourite search engine to find pictures on t’web). The cans are Sennheiser HD650.

I then found myself with a spare olive HC (as one does), and used that to power the NAHA1. To me, it made a small difference but nothing spectacular. Other folks have reported differently.

So I bought a NAHA2 and ran that from the HC. Then as an experiment I bought a NAPSC2 (new black case) and found that for me, it made little or no difference from the HC - again, other folks have had different experiences.

So the NAPSC2 has remained, and the HC sits unused on a shelf behind my desk (see picture in the “Pets and System” thread LOL). One day, I’ll put the HC back in and try it…but at present, I am directed by She to paint the bedroom!

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@suzywong ok thanks…might have saved me some dosh on the HC…and I have one of those old tin ones with my 82.

But of course, you can’t “borrow” the NAPSC from the 82 to power the Headline, coz then the 82 don’t work.

When I got my NAHA1, I had a 102 which I configured to run without a NAPSC.

@suzywong that’s OK I have the NAPSC…it came with the Headline.

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Completely different layout between Olive and Black NAHA.

Black NAHA has a current Naim sound. ( less flat )


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