Headline 1

I have just purchased 2nd hand headline 1 .
I have connected power to Flatcap and taking input from nait3xs stream in/out.
I am hearing very much bass from right headphone .
I can’t completely turn volume down from headline and lots of crackling .
I am thinking I have bought a troubled headline amp .

The volume pot on the original Headline can cause problems as it “floats” to reduce noise but that means it can develop dry solder joints, or even have them break completely. To avoid it’s advisable to treat the knob very gently so as to not to put too much stress on it. This may be the issue you have with yours.

As an aside, one of the big improvements on the Headline 2 was a move to a properly secured volume pot, which was itself a superior item (ALPS Blue).

Hi Richard
Thanks for reply .
Would Naim be able to repair this fault or would it be best to return item to hifi store that I purchased it from ?

I would have thought so, but @NeilS would know for sure. However, any repair will cost. And off course, it may be something else…

I would suggest contacting the hifi store you purchased it from and explaining the issue. Perhaps they can test it out on their own kit at the shop.

Hi Richard,

Yes, the original Headline did suffer volume pot related issues, but we can still fix these.


Given that it can be fixed, I’d suggest that you return it to the shop, explain that it’s faulty and give them the option of refunding you or repairing it at their expense.

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