Headline Low Sound

Hi all,

I’ve acquired a Headline 2 recently.
I’m having trouble getting sound from it and wondering if I’m not setting it up correctly.

I have an Olive Hi-Cap powering it and have it connected to my Supernait (1) via the DIN outputs.
I’ve also tried connecting it via DIN directly to my nDAC with no success either.

In both cases the sound is very low and I can barely hear any sound when the Headline is turned up all the way.


It sounds like the DIN plug is wired correctly for the tape outputs (rather than be wired for source outputs).

You should have it connected to the Tape In/Out socket on the SN. Are you selecting the appropriate source you want to listen to on the headphones via the lower (record) bank of buttons ?


Make sure the analogue in/out socket you’re using (I assume Tape) to connect the Headline isn’t assigned to a digital input. Otherwise you should re-assign it.

Also ensure the record button bank is not muted.

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So I have it connected via the Tape in/out and unmuted on both source and record, but still no luck.
I have all connections set to analog since I have a standalone nDAC.

Shouldn’t the record out button be set to the source you want to listen to on your headphones - ie CD as per the top row (if that’s what input the nDAC is connected to on the SN)

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Yup, record source button should be set to the source you are wanting to listen to.

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Wow, I’m clumsy and you guys are superheros!
Completely made my Friday!

Thank you!


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