Headline/Napsc din to rca adapter

Hi all,
in order to connect Headline/Napsc to my brand new integrated tube amp, I think I will need the cable showed in the pic I uploaded.Would you please suggest a good one?
Thank you.

Flashback sales make one
Don’t know how good it is though

Thank you Rattlesnaic,
unfortunately the owner is having health problem.I hope he will be fine soon.

Chord Co. can make these readily. But Naim can also reterminate it for you if you are commited to Using it with a non Naim amp long term.

Thank you feeling_zen,
I’m not going to use it long term connected to non Naim amp so I will give Chord Co. a try for sure.

Blue Jeans will make one for you on request.

Hi n-lot,
thank you.I will consider this.

I have a bunch of BJC cables, including Ethernet, RCA, SPDIF and HDMI. But it never occurred to me to inquire with them about making Naim cables (as there’s no clue on there website regarding Naim).

They don’t make them as such, as “Naim cables” that is. They will simply make you a custom cable and ask you for the pinout.

The pinout for the Naim interconnect is simply standard DIN 5, see for example Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DIN_connector

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David from Flashback Sales passed away today.

Thanks n-lot. Good to know.

That is sad news. RIP

I’m deeply saddened to hear that. I have many excellent FB cables and it has always been a pleasure doing business with Dave.

I was aware that he was in the hospital, but understood it was a back problem, and didn’t know that it was very serious.

I am glad that I sent him best wishes on the behalf of the Naim community via Lyn, 9 days ago, when she informed my regarding the above (in response to an order). I hope she had a chance to pass along my message.

RIP Dave.


I found this on the Flashback web site.

What a loss to the Naim community.

Very sad indeed. A go to for custom cables and always exemplary service and quality. RIP Dave.

Thanks to everyone on this thread.I will not keep it going, sadly,because of the news I got from Dave’s wife.I think it is better.
So,that cable will never arrive to me and that’s a very sad story.

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