Headline with Dac V1

Is this worthwhile or overkill, given the V1 has its own headphone amp? I already have the Headline and Hicap but need a small footprint source. It would be used in a secondary system with a basic streamer.

I suspect a HL/HC is deserving of an even better source than the already excellent v1.

I’d leave the v1 as is; simple, elegant, one box.

If you find yourself with something higher end like an NDX, that would be the time to crack out the HL/HC.

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You already have a thread going about this; I wonder why you are asking the same question again.

The other thread asked whether a Nac was needed for ideal operation of a headline. This threads asks for experiences with V1 as a source feeding a headline. I felt it garnered a new thread. Apologies if thats not the case

Ah, ok, the difference was lost on me. As the V1 is already designed as a headphone amp as well as Dac and preamp, a Headline seems rather pointless unless one is Zaphod Beeblebrox. I’d suggest swapping the V1 for an ND5xs (or XS2) and putting the Headline on that. Or just forget about the Headline altogether.


Zaphod, he’s just this guy you know

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Haha. Thanks HH!

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