HeadPhone ABYSS 1266

:orange_circle: ABYSS 1266 :orange_circle:
I have received an offer to buy Abyss 1266 at a very good price.
There is no way for me to listen to them before buying…

SO,.does anyone here have any experiences with these headphones to share.
I have…
:small_orange_diamond:Sennheiser HD 800S
:small_orange_diamond:Hifiman HE 1000SE
So if you have heard them,.you can refer to them about what possible differences Abyss 1266 contributes with.

Below picture of Abyss 1266.

I wish.

Headfi has several reviews one of which compares them with Sennheiser 800s.

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Thanks for the tip.

Sennheiser HD 800S is a real favorite for me,.so interesting if they made a comparison…
:diamonds:Abyss 1266 vs HD 800S.

My Hifiman HE 1000SE
is technically better than my HD 800S in several areas,.BUT…
If I were to choose to sell one of them,.then maybe it would still be to keep the HD 800S and sell the HE 1000SE.

The Abyss is a phenomenal headphone. Do you know which version & how old it is? I have Utopias (original version) & the Abyss tops these in my opinion. The Utopias are great at pulling detail, wonderfully balanced, very comfortable but are not the best at soundstage. The Abyss are even better at retrieving detail (this is probably the most important thing for me), the soundstage is absolutely excellent, the bass is phenomenal but not overpowering and balances supremely well with the highs & mids. The shape & fit is not for everyone but I don’t find it an issue. The 800s are again a great headphone but I found them a tad light & neutral - the Abyss will blow these away in my opinion. Good luck & please let us know what you decide.

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oh, & you will need some power to drive the Abyss Peder.

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Hi PaulM…

A friend in Australia has Hifiman Susvara and a similar head-amp to mine,.Burson Soloist 3X Grand Tourer…

He says this Burson has no problem driving the Hifiman Susvara.
So then I think there won’t be any problems with Abyss 1266 for this Burson either.

Below a picture of said Burson

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The 1266 are the best headphones I’ve heard amongst the final D8000, audeze lcd 4, hd800, MDR Z1R and I’m sure there are some more that I’m forgetting.

I recently sold mine and honestly wish I hadn’t. I had them paired with the XI AUDIO stack. I think to get the best out of them you really need to pair them with something equally good otherwise you may be disappointed. They need power and then some


Now when we talk about head-amps.
A friend has ordered the new upgraded version of this,.it will arrive in about 4 weeks.

He already has this,.a fantastic tube-amp for headphones.

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