Headphone advice.

Looking to buy a pair of cans. Wired not Bluetooth, but must be noise-cancelling with a jack for my Sammy smartphone.

Any recommendations?

Sennheiser make a few pairs of noise-cancelling headphones.

I haven’t heard them (I have STAX electrostatics), but Sennheiser have a good track record.

The Sennheiser Momentum 4 are very good as are B&W PX8 and both get excellent professional reviews. Bose have a good range too and get good reviews.
I have Momentum 3 and an older pair of Audio Technica Quiet Point ATH-ANC7 which I used extensively for my international rotational work travelling and are very good so the new models are worth a look too.

I choose the noise isolation (via iems) route. Having lost my Shure 535s last year I tried a few combos and Shure Aonic 4s with a Dragonfly Red hit my sweet spot.

I’d suggest worth a listen even if you’re not a fan of in ears. Much easier to cart about too (although that does perhaps increase the risk of loosing them!).