Headphone amp off a 552

Hi, I understand your “supposed” to connect a headphone amp to a 5 pin DIN tape output off the 552, but has anyone tried a 4pin pre amp output from the 552PS? My understanding is the latter would be a variable output meaning you have volume control. There are 3 outputs and I only need 2 for the power amp. Thanks, Phil

How would you mute the speakers though when using headphones (without turning off the power amp) ?
At least with the tape out it’s not subject to the volume control setting so you can just turn the volume down or mute the pre-amp when you want to listen using headphones.

You would then be going through two volume controls - the one in the preamp and the one in the headphone amp. Not a good idea.

It would be a trade off / decision. Power off the power amp and then have app based volume control vs leaving the Power amp on but with the pre down and having to manually adjust the audible volume with the headphone amp.

Thanks that definitely makes sense. Sadly my headphone amp is a manual volume control so i need to get up to change volume, not a disaster.

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