Headphone cable jack to mini jack

Hi everyone, can someone tell me the brand and especially if there is a good jack cable - minijack for headphones? Thanks.

Balanced or single ended? For which headphones?

A standard like the one that comes standard … It will be used to connect iphone, Dragonfly and ifi nano

Denon AH GC 30
Sennaisher HD599

Depends on how much you want to spend they range from QED Performance Audio J2J at £35 to Atlas Zeno 1:1 at £270 for 3.5mm male at both ends. For you phones I’d be shopping at the lower end the QED sound nice and don’t tangle, great for when you run out of charge on that type of phones.

Maybe you don’t understand and you are detached. At one end is a 2.5 mini jack and 3.5 at the other

If it was that easy I wasn’t asking here. It seems to me that they still don’t do it that way. I had considered audioquest evergreen but they are on both sides from 3.5

you want the original Sennheiser cable type then or a better spec of cable cable at Custom Cans. Search replacement xxxxx headphone cable for more choices.

JVC do several grades of 3.5 stereo female to 2.5 stereo male minijack.

Thanks. It does nothing, I think the only solution is a 3.5 to 2.5 adapter and a regular J2J cable. Too bad I didn’t want a loss of signal!

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