Headphone cable upgrade?

I’ve got a pair of Sennheiser Momentum 4’s winging their way towards me. My intention is to use the supplied cable to hook them up to my mobile phone, but I’m wondering if a not-outrageously-expensive upgrade might be in order.

Recommendations, please.

Amazon show a number of replacement cables, but I have no experience of them.

I would get them and give them a good burn in first.

I have used headphone cable upgrades and they can really alter the performance and character, but you need to get an idea what you want to change to chose well. Want brighter, warmer, smoother, sharper? Different cable choices.

I don’t know your model Sennheiser and what potential they have but at that price point money for a cable upgrade might be better saved and invested in better headphones a bit further down the road.


I’ve used CustomCans for a variety of cables for my Utopia and Stellia headphones. I have various differnt cables for different uses. Long for my amp with balanced XLR, regular 3.5mm and 6.35mm and also balanced 2.5mm for my Astel and Kern SP1000 player. You can spec choice of colours for the various cables and end points.

Eg - their Focal page is here:

I am looking at Dragon Audio Cables. I dont own one, but reviews are positive. Maybe someone here can share their experience with that company.

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I used CustomCans very good indeed.

HanSoundAudio, definitely worth an audition :+1:

Still waiting on delivery, but it’s been really interesting comparing online reviews about the Mo’ 4’s.

Although there’s a high consensus about their performance almost across the board, I’ve noticed that there’s a few with diametrically opposite opinions, which is odd.

One or two seem to think that “audiophile” critic community doesn’t like the liveliness and soundstaging because it’s not “hifi”, ie: flat and clinical. To me, that just suggests not just no soundstaging and separation between instruments and so on but also the all-important pace rhythm and timing of any decent playback, all of which is what I think of as “hifi”.

My main concern is that, unlike my now ancient B&W PX’s, SQ doesn’t fall off a cliff when ANC is engaged. I’ve seen a couple of suggestions that this is not a problem so I’m looking forward to confirming that and although I’ve no flights until Jan 2024, I’m going to recreate an aircraft engine rumble on the sound system and do a comparison with the old PX’s.

I’m most fond of Mr Darko’s review because it’s evident by watching his other videos that he knows what he’s talking about.

I especially like his observation that these phones, along with the Levinson 5909 and Focal Bathys, will give an experience analagous to a speakered system in a room.

Hi @anon66195540, I use Dragon cables on several of my headphones. I am very pleased with the quality and ability to tune the sound to your liking by getting one of the options available. As BruceW said, you may want to use your headphones for a while to understand what you like, then get in touch with Moon Audio.


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Thanks. I contacted them. They are suggesting for my sytem ( Atom uniti HE and Stellia HP) the usb silver dragon and black dragon as HP cable. I will get use to my sytem first.

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Sounds like a nice pairing, the Stellia and the Atom HE. Enjoy !

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Definitely give the Stelia plenty of burn in. They are very lively and detailed. I didn’t keep them after a demo few days but if I had the last thing I would personally have wanted would have been an even brighter or ‘busier’ cable.


Yes! I gave them 120hours of 24/7 ‘‘breaking’’ period and they are amazing. Really immersive and musical.

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Excellent. I didn’t like them much at all!

Have fun


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Which one did you get?

ZMF Verite closed. I use them with a Trilogy 933 headphone amp in my main system.

A very different sonic character to the Stella. I found the Stella more impressive than enjoyable, and a bit tiring. Thankfully for hi-fi manufacturers we all have different tastes and experiences.


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