Headphone cable

I have some Meze classic headphones that I pair with a lehmann headphone amp but the headphone cable could do with being a meter longer….

I was reading that silver cables were an upgrade but I can’t seem to find anything designed for Meze classics that’s longer than the stock cable.

I contacted Mez and they don’t have anything longer….

Any suggestions as where I can get a longer cable?


Perhaps Customcans can make something up for you? Their headphone cable is really good.


Forza Audioworks cables are very good.


Grado do an extension cable, but it’s 3 metres long.

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Russ Andrews does a variety of headphone cables, from simple male-to-female extension cables to complete replacement Kimber Axios cables. I’m not sure exactly which sockets the Mezes use, but you can always ring/email them and ask if they can help.


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Recommend Toxic Cables too. Sensible pricing and a range of options/materials

Have used Custom Cans too.


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Another recommendation for Customcans, well made, well priced and custom made to whatever length you need and in whatever combination of colours you prefer.


I bought a cable from Oidio….and they are very good and reasonably priced.
The guys there are very helpful and will guide you through the options and what potentially they will do….


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Mark Grant Cables. I have a lot of his cables. Many awards.

I use his headphone extension cable. From 1 mtr upwards. Solidly made with lots of copper.@£40. Upwards.
Good enough for my Meze Empyreans.

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I will second that. I had them make up a lead for my HD800s and they transformed them. It is a balanced cable which I plug into the back of my Atom HE.


That’s odd … I have repeatedly seen custom lengths fly by of Meze’s higher end PCUHD series (both for the Elite/Eppyrean and the Liric/Classic/109Pro series …

If Meze is not willing to do so, then the Lavricables Grand series is generally perceived by users as yet another step up from the Meze series. Check the Elite thread on Head-Fi for that.

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Yeah had one made for my Celestee. And two XLR - XLR extension cords so I don’t have to dive in behind my HE’s to plug in an XLR connector.

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My friend had the same problem. The insets for the sockets are very narrow so unless you use the Meze ones, they don’t fit.

They refused to make him a longer lead but did selk him the Meze plugs. He made his own with some decent cable but muched up the soldering. So bought an male-female balanced headphone extension lead instead. Less than ideal and two different cables.

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AudioQuest makes several from Mild to Wild !

These are worth a look, I recently got a cable set for my Focals and very impressed - cxnnected. Rich

I had the same problem with plugs to fit into the Meze headshells. They have a slanted housing and the ‘shoulder’ on the plugs prevents fitting properly. Had purchased longer cables but had to send them back for a refund in the end.

I use one of these on my 109 Pro to Atom connection. Can’t hear any colouration to the sound and no plug size issues.

QED performance headphone extension

Hello :slightly_smiling_face:
I have tried,.and have many different headphone-cables for my headphones at home (10 high quality headphone-cables).
To name a few of them…
• Hifiman HE 1000SE
• Sennheiser HD 800S
• Hifiman Sundara

The Most Important thing,.check with your manufacturer of the headphone cable you choose that…
They have the correct direction of the wires for the best soundquality before they have manufactured the cable.

It’s actually so frighteningly bad,.that most of the people I’ve spoken to who manufacture headphone-cables have no idea that the direction of a cable has an effect on the soundquality…!!
AND,.I have spoken personally with the owners of many highly reputable headphone-cable manufacturers.

:black_small_square:TPHC is a headphone-cable that is manufactured in a collaboration between the Swedish and Finnish Hifiman importer.
In this cable,.the direction for the best soundquality is tested before manufacturing…
AND,.you can choose the length you want.
It is also the cheapest of the cables I have bought for my headphones,.And The Best.

I have only bought each manufacturer’s best headphone-cable,.and the above mentioned TPHC headphone-cable is definitely the best for my headphones.

The best headphone cable from TPHC also has Furutech’s best rhodium connectors (see mine in the picture below).
TPHC manufactures two quality levels of their headphone-cable.
The one I mention above,.their best.
And a more basic one,.both are very good.

:black_small_square:Lavricables Grand Silver mentioned in the thread,.their best cable.
I have it too,.it is detailed and dynamic in its musical presentation of the music…BUT…
BORING,.there’s something that doesn’t feel right with that cable,even though many praise it on various HeadFi-forums.

After speaking with the owner of Lavricables,.I understand why it plays the way it does.
The owner’s opinion is that the direction of the wires has no significance for the soundquality…
He claimed that he heard no difference in the direction of the wires in his headphone-cables.
I hear directly on that cable the typical parameters that indicate that the direction of the wires is wrong,.OR…
Some of the wires have the right direction,.some have the wrong direction.

It is sad,.that in my opinion the said cable is not built optimally,because otherwise it is a well-built headphone-cable with very good connectors,namely Aeco’s.
Unfortunately,.I can only put in one picture in the post,otherwise I would have put in a picture of the said Lavricables Grand Silver as well.

Note,.all headphone-cables are “burn-in” for the same amount of time (200 hours) before listening comparisons are made.

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I use a longer extension cable - the 3 metre Grado prestige…


:large_orange_diamond: Addition.

Optimizing a headphone-cable between your headphone and headphone amplifier is not easy.
The headphone-cable that,.according to you,works best musically in a headphone/head-amp combination…
May not be optimal in a different configuration.

SO,…you have to try to evaluate yourself,but as I wrote above…
Make sure that the headphone-cable you choose to evaluate is 100% properly manufactured.
The direction of the wires is incredibly important for a good musical end result.

In the picture below two good headphone-cables from…
Marco Custom Cables.
• The left their
top-notch cable
• The right their
basic cable.
Both are good depending on which headphone system they are used in.
Very well built cables.