Headphone care question

So having invested in at least one set of Focal headphones the thought of headphone care and cleaning came to my mind.

With the lovely earpads and headband I am currently wondering how the folks here protect from hair products and / or clean the headphones.

Thoughts and best practices are welcome :smiley:

Surely it’s not too much to shave your head and wash it before each session



That is kinda what I want to do after I unwrapped these beauties.

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I have accidentally sent some earbuds, I use with my mobile and on zoom, through the washing machine and after drying thoroughly they were fine. Maybe you could try this with the headphones? :wink:

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Make sure you buy a spare set of earpads from Dekoni and keep the originals new in case you want to sell.


Well from the answers I gather there is nog a magical technique I was not aware of aside from the obvious. :laughing:

The replacement earpads is a great idea. Will consider it.

My stellia head band turned black from my bold head…

What Focals have you got?

Urgh I did not see this reply.

Got a set of Celestee and a set of Clear MG.

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I’ve got Clear Pros. Bought over the regular Clears as the red headband will last better than the regulars grey.
But they are a daft design, by not allowing the material to be changed. Or choosing a material that can easily be cleaned.

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Yeah I agree, if I have to choose one thing to find fault with, it is that.

Got the regular for the XLR cable.

Just gonna take as much care as I can, but for the rest just enjoy them. If they wear, they wear :man_shrugging:

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