Headphone output making a crackling sound in left channel

Just discovered my Nova has a crackly sound in the left channel when using headphones. Quite subtle and intermittent but clearly audible, especially when the headphones are plugged in and sound is muted. Sounds like an interference and bit reminiscent of an old noisy volume knob on an amp.
Bloody annoying because I can’t “unhear” it now it’s there and even on quiet passages it is audible. Sound through the speakers is unaffected.
PITA because I know it’ll take ages to fix and unbearable without my daily music fix whilst it’s in a for a service but I do use headphones quite a lot, so I guess I’ll have to get it sorted.
What’s the best advice to get it fixed? I used AV Online who are way up north and definitely not local to me. I have sent them a message and awaiting a reply. I’m hoping as it’s under 1 year old that they’ll arrange for an insured courier pickup for servicing and presume it’ll be sent to Naim from here on the south coast.
Any thoughts folks?

Are you on the latest firmware? If not, update and see whether it cures it.

If so, then it’s something to discuss with your dealer. It’s under a year old and you have a warranty with them so they should be able to investigate and get it fixed for you if necessary. I would wait for them to get back to you.

Are your phones working ok with other equipment?

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I moved the Nova into another room and the problem went away, only to return when I placed it back in its original spot. There seems to be some wireless interference in its current position that I don’t seem to be able to eliminate entirely when using my Meze 99 Classics.
Decided to hardwire the Nova and that seems to have solved the issue for now. Glad tbh because I really didn’t want the hassle and wait for it’s return.

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