Headphone plug on Atom non- headphone version

Have been thinking about getting an Atom as an all in one, and I like the included amp to hook it directly up to speakers. But I also would like to use headphones, and the headphone edition,while having more connections for headphones, does not have an amp, only a preamp out, making it much less desirable.

So my question is, the (non-headphone) Atom does have a headphone plug.
1-Are the limits to it?
2- Will it drive all headphones? All ohm ranges?
3- Is it a balanced 4.4, 6.5, balanced or not?
4- And, therefore, what is the real advantage of the headphone version?

Thanks, Bill from Illinois

The HE is the dedicated headphone amp version; it’s quite easy to find out about its spec:

It’s harder to get results for the standard version when you include the keyword “headphones”.

There’s lots of info in this thread eg

The regular Atom just has a basic headphone amp with a standard 3.5mm mini jack, so not balanced. If headphone listening is important to you, the HE is really what you want.

Thanks to both of you- this is exactly what i needed to know- i guess it’s the headphone edition for me.