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Hi all i have a Naim 5 amp. It has no headphone socket. Never bothered me in the past. But the time has come to use headphones. What is the best way to connect them?

Hi, you need a 5 pin DIN to 4 x RCA plugs interconnect, then use the AV or AUX1 sockets on the back of the amp to connect a headphone amplifier. The 4 x RCA plugs are in 2 pairs, 2 for play and 2 for record, so you need to use the record pair to provide a line level signal to the headphone amplifier RCA input sockets.
Take a look at the Naim headline which is designed to work with Naim amplifiers and connects via DIN and negates the need for the aforementioned interconnect. However this requires an additional PSU.

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If you get the Headline you’ll also need a power supply such as the napsc or a Flatcap. If you got the latter it could also power the Nait 5 preamp and make a nice improvement. Alternatively and at a lower cost something like a Creek OBH21 for about £325 would be great.

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Which Nait 5? Is it the original Nait 5?

Budget option is something like the Pro Ject Headbox headphone amp connected to the output of your Nait.



I used one of these for several years with my 82 very good and excellent value fr the money.

To connect a headphone amp you need to connect via one of the tape in/outs - signal to the headphone amp goes out via the tape REC OUT pins on the DIN5 so you need to ensure you have the right interconnect (either a tape i/c or i/c with the correct pins connected).

Yeah, the 5 would be vai Din, the i and newer would be rca. They haven’t said which they have so I didn’t get into specifics!


I use the Rega headphone amp, which comes with its own external power supply

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The cost peformance on the Rega Ear is outstanding. You have to spend loads more to get something significantly better.

But is improved enormously by a linear power supply…I use the CHC one… surprising difference

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