Headphone upgrade?

I bought a pair of B&W PX 'phones six years ago to listen to music whilst flying.

Whilst they cancel the rumble of the aircraft engines effectively, the SQ falls off a cliff.

As an improvement, I’ve been considering changing to a pair of Sony WH1000XM5 cans.

I’m assuming that technology has progressed enough since I bought the PX’s to make it worthwile?

Any Sony users around to advise?

Sony and Bose both sell noise-cancelling headphones, which you may want to investigate.

I have no personal experience of them.

Hey Mike

Take a look at John Darko’s YouTube channel. He’s made some really good videos on ANC headphones with side by side comparisons.


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I have the previous model, sent them “free” with my last phone upgrade (Xperia). I love them, battery lasts ages, sound is fine, noise cancelling does a great job. I don’t fly much these days, but this summer the family holiday involved one. They were great on the plane too.

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The Sony ones are pretty good. Had a quick listen to the Focal Bathys in the local hi-fi shop this weekend and they excellent. Better than I expected.

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Finally went for the Sennheiser Momentum 4’s.

Ebay. Delivery Friday.

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