Headphones for occasional use

I am thinking of buying some headphones for infrequent late night listening but with the Headline and NAPSC coming in at some £900 this looks like a non-starter. With a budget of £200-300 is there any way?

Meze Classic 99, great headphones for budget.

Audioquest Dragofly Cobalt comes to mind – also great on the move.

Perhaps you could clarify whether you are looking for a headphone amp or a pair of headphones? Also, what system do you want to play it from?

I need an amp and headphones to work with a NAC202

And all for £200-300? I guess you might need to look at pre-loved.

Out of curiosity which headphones can be used with both a Naim Integrated and with the Audioquest Dragonfly Cobalt? I really want the flexibility but know next to nothing about Headphones. Just looking for some flexibility for those late nights and when traveling. (I’m an iPhone user)

You will need an adapter to run headphones into the larger socket on a Nait as well as the 3.5mm socket on the Dragonfly. I would probably choose something that the Dragonfly can drive, then it should be fine with the Nait too.

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Dragonfly black + lightning usb iPhone

Thanks. I’ll look into an adapter.

I bought some AudioQuest Night Owl Carbon’s. They were about $800. new. Then AQ decided to get out of headphone business, so the dealers blew them out, they could be had for $250. Last year

For a headphone amp I would suggest a Musical Fidelity X-Can v2 from fleabay. Then purchase the upgrade kit from Rock Grotto.
I had a demo of the Naim headphone amp + power supply and while it did sound a little better than my modded X-Cans, there was not much in it.
Headphones are a rather more personal matter and depends very much on ones personal preference, a s/h pair of Sennhieser HD600s might be a good starting point. You can still buy spares for them.

Not quite within budget, but… Today I had a brief listen to Campfire Polaris. Blimey! Admittedly, I don‘t have much experience with IEMs, but I thought these little b**** are a lot of fun…

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